The evolution of technology is changing as the world does business. 

Today, internet and software advances allow customers access to shipping and tracking systems 24/7. This enhances the user experience, saves time and money for businesses.

Modern logistics technologies are developing in two directions: 

  • Development and improvement of delivery solutions
  • Automation of transporting cargo and minimizing human intervention

Software boosting and streamlining transportation encompasses unmanned devices for sorting, moving, and loading.

 Any logistics program starts from the point of the delivery order receipt is created. Then, the customer selects the transportation method, delivery time, and location. When the order is placed, the logistics program calculates the best way of delivery and then monitors the delivery schedule and executes.

Here we’ll spot the main technologies boosting the logistics sector:

Unmanned Devices

The general trend in the logistics sector is minimizing the number of vehicle drivers, couriers, porters, and sorters. Their functions are successfully carried out with technologies requiring human control.

Warehouse Automation and Robotization 

Self-learned robots that can make independent decisions are another trend in logistics. These robots are capable of sorting, packaging, transferring goods from racks to a truck. Such warehouse automation accelerates and simplifies storage logistics processes minimizing errors. According to Amazon analysts, the robots’ use can reduce the logistics costs of any product by 20-40%, compared to manual processing.


Over the past few years, we have witnessed a sharp increase in the usage of drones for small cargo transportation. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can lift up to 10 kg and deliver packages to any floor. According to market research, unmanned aerial transport will become more and more widespread, and the increase in unmanned airborne cargo transport on a global market will be about 21% annually.

Unmanned Transport

The increasingly sophisticated autopilots allow to safely navigate traffic, avoid other cars, and strictly follow the traffic rules. Today, such unmanned vehicles are mostly designed for city use. Nevertheless, a lot of tech companies promote their respective research and develop high-load unmanned trucks. 

 As you see, the main trends of today’s logistics introduce technical means for managing the cargo with minimal human intervention.

Final Thoughts

 The high cost of technological innovations such as drones, robots, and etc., is still holding them from wide use and daily practice. Therefore not many companies can adopt such technologies.

Nevertheless, the custom software allows optimizing the logistics activities and is quite affordable for any company dealing with shipping. 

When the product is tailored to your company’s needs, it always turns out to be cost-effective since it helps to save on vehicle fuel, employee time, and other expenses. 

The logistic software products that we create will help you optimize all work processes related and gain competitive gain.