API-First Approach to Development

Today, many companies consider APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) as a critical business agility component. The rapidly changing business world requires practical tools to gain a competitive edge. Over the years,

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Digital Transformation in Logistics

According to studies in the logistics business, there is an obvious need to change present work models. Logistics, supply chain, and shipping managers require more flexibility in corporate operations to

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Application of AR and VR

Nowadays, virtual reality and augmented reality prove to be the most significant and rapidly changing technology. While AR focuses on integrating digital information and physical reality, VR is focused on

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Logistics Route Planning: Manual or Automatic?

 Many companies still manage their fleets manually. But switching to intelligent planning software can improve their operations Рand boost profits. The quality of their route planning mainly determines the

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How Do Technologies Change Logistics?

The evolution of technology is changing as the world does business.  Today, internet and software advances allow customers access to shipping and tracking systems 24/7. This enhances the user experience,

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Accessibility Testing: Why Is It Crucial?

Depending on your industry, location, and other factors, your company may need to audit for compliance with certain accessibility standards or identify specific product requirements that will be audited for.

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