At Iskedez Solutions, we consider a product intelligent when ML personalization uses algorithms and predictive analytics to perform most appropriately. All the integrated capabilities of intelligent products work together to create more powerful, meaningful, and scalable results continuously.

Fortunately, while challenging, the path to creating intelligent products is available to anyone willing to leap. Whether you start with a single intelligent function or build an entire business around intelligent products with a complete ecosystem of technology, intelligence, expertise, and operations, the key is to understand some of the essential considerations that companies typically face.

We’ll look at the most common entry points and then move on to some things to think about and plan for to ensure success.

Creating smart products is doable, no matter what stage the business is in. Here we describe the three most common stages to start with:

Focus on Characteristics at Early Stage

Looking for a feasible way to develop intellectual capabilities while enhancing your existing experience? Many companies try to add smart technology to a small part of their product.

Often, upgrading existing product features to make them more user-friendly starts with recognizing that a lot needs to be done to handle the data and mobilizing operations to support that effort. Truth be told, if even a fraction of the experience becomes more intelligent, it’s already a big win.

This improved experience can take personalizing the user or combining data to make it more meaningful than just a series of data points.

Ensure Process Readiness at Middle Stage

Perhaps the business just needs to move on and faster. Adding intelligence and automation beyond just product functions with intelligent processes makes sense.

For example, machine learning can automate workflows to collect data, reduce the number of steps and free up employees for more innovative work. 

Understand the Entire Ecosystem during Advanced Stage

Companies at advanced stages of maturity can benefit from the entire convergence of technology, intelligence, experiences, and operations working together across their product range.

At this stage, a company’s focus is on intelligence enablement and innovation across its ecosystem, with analytics and data feeding into products.

Challenges and Preparation

 But if a company is looking to truly build intelligence, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. 

Focus on Technology, Operations and Expertise

Many businesses, for example, are operating with an old technology stack or a workforce that isn’t exactly at the cutting edge of their skill levels. 

This is an excellent time to assess where you are on your technological journey and what steps need to be taken to get started.

Improving Internal Processes

 Is your organization ready to make the necessary investments? 


  • Organizational walls must be broken down; business group silos will need to be eliminated. 
  • Companies that have traditionally worked in a sequential, waterfall mode need to adopt an Agile development methodology.
  •  One that brings all the pieces together for planning, innovation, iteration, evolution, etc.

Data Management & Analytics

In fact, every company collects clouds of data, but do they make the most of it? We’ve found that it’s not just collecting data to make decisions but using the full power of that data to continually improve and evolve. How does data affect and improve the user experience? What can we learn about what works and what doesn’t? What perspective can you get from a core development perspective to help you be more focused, efficient, and intelligent where you push and pull?

Expertise & HR

Every leader worth their salt understands that no amount of planning strategizing in the world matters if people aren’t on board. And that often means upgrading skills and abilities through additional training or strategic hiring.

Ready to create intelligent products? We can help.

Iskedez Solutions has the experience and expertise to help your business at any stage. We help companies identify capacity gaps and then provide tools to enhance the skills of existing professionals.