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Security Engineer

Full Job Description

We’re looking for a dedicated, and meticulous Security Engineer to join our growing team. In this role, you will work independently and as part of a team to ensure that software and related components are protected from cyberattacks. Job duties will include working on a variety of projects and analyzing current systems, software, or companies for vulnerabilities, as well as simulating cyber attacks to test systems protection mechanisms. 


  • Meeting with customers to discuss their system security, and approach, answering technical questions.
  • Discuss and suggest improvements to existing application security strategies, including secure software development, DevSecOps process improvements, or application security in general.
  • Researching systems, network structures, and possible penetration points.
  • Conducting multiple penetration tests, security audits, and vulnerability assessments.
  • Identification and logging of security flaws and breaches.
  • Identification of high-security areas, security risk analysis, and assessment.
  • Development of proposals for remediation and security improvements.
  • Reporting on penetration and security tests.
  • Monitoring public security advisories and alerts for threat and vulnerability information.
  • Maintaining knowledge of current security trends and the ability to clearly communicate them to the team.
  • Develop unique, effective security strategies for software systems, networks, data centers, and hardware.
  • Working independently or as part of a team as needed.


  • Technical knowledge in application security and experience in vulnerability assessment, pen-testing, and security audits.
  • Understanding of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and related configurations, practices, and security tools.
  • Understanding of IT infrastructure components and their configurations.
  • Experience in mobile security (iOS and Android), including pen testing.
  • In-depth knowledge of ethical hacking steps, phases, and techniques such as, but not limited to, parameter manipulation, session/server hijacking, XSS, CSRF, DDoS, and social engineering.
  • Understanding of IT infrastructure components and their configurations: Applications and their server platforms, Windows and Linux environments, storage systems.
  • Good understanding of packet analysis, sniffing, network scanning, and network security.
  • Experience with protocols and encryption mechanisms.
  • Experience with scripting: PowerShell, Bash Python, or any other programming language.
  • Good troubleshooting skills.
  • Ability to see system flaws close-up.
  • Oral/written communication and customer relations skills.

Positivity and desire for professional development.

Knowledge of English (conversational and written).

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