Iksedez Solutions has announced the launch of Iskedez SFO 230 2.0, the newer version of its Sea Freight Operation product. 

The upgraded version features more advanced AI-powered algorithms that are instrumental in equipping Logistics and Fleet Managers with demand-driven, AI-based insights to rapidly spot where operations are lagging.

Iskedez SFO 230 2.0 is an all-in-one solution for maritime logistics that enables all actors to plan operations and achieve goals by reducing emissions and optimizing routes and costs. 

The upgraded version enables freight forwarders to improve efficiency and scalability with automated data collection and analysis, which provides the following:

  • Real-time accurate ETA predictions.
  • Reasons for the delay.
  • Disruption risk predictions.
  • Location-based insights for sea and ocean freight. 

Holistic Solution for Sea Freight Operation


Iskedez SFO 230 2.0 provides the most accurate vessel schedule & operation predictions and tracks assets in ports in real-time.

Effective real-time communication

The upgraded version features smart messaging capability, allowing comprehensive context-aware information sharing between port call actors. This information is always up-to-date, reliable, and traceable. Iskedez Solutions uses automated bots that generate messages like port call state changes and deviations to all parties benefiting from that information.

Accurate real-time tracking

Iskedez SFO 230 2.0 has sea and land maps with dynamic content, as well as navigation charts and 2D land maps. This way, users can see exactly where their goods are at any time. This valuable information allows companies to decide where to move their goods to meet customer demand.

About Iskedez Solutions

Iskedez Solutions aims to help organizations achieve business and operational readiness through cutting-edge technology solutions. 

Our customers use our logistics solutions to plan, allocate, execute shipments, and complete numerous other logistics processes.