Iskedez SFO 230

With our software for sea freight, you can manage the entire ocean freight route.
You just need to enter data and the system itself ensures the processes run smoothly and fast.
Now you can save time and be sure that your logistics are under control.

Our software enables to import & export from one single system. So now you can handle all logistics from one single system.

Iskedez Solutions have developed an all-in-one product for sea freight operation, which is aimed to simplify your work and reduce the risks of errors.

What makes it so outstanding?

In Iskedez software for sea freight, you can easily capture and manage orders from inquiry to invoice.

Now you can generate and send documents automatically. The user-friendly interface and robust functional will require just a single data input, after which you get consistent performance and real-time connections with external platforms.

You can manage the entire range of sea freight can be managed with our software, from beginning to end. In addition, our robust software will simplify and accelerate work processes, saving you time and minimizing your expenses.
Once you enter the data, you have all the required documents at your fingertips:

  • Customs declarations
  • CMR
  • Invoices
  • Bill of lading
  • Retrieval-/delivery documents for containers
  • Assignments & confirmations
  • Shipments certificates
  • ATR
Improve your operation
Reduce your expenses
Protect your business

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