Plants & Factories

Iskedez Solutions offers a wide range of sophisticated functionality that addresses the needs of supply chain managers, energy managers, industrial buyers, logistics professionals, and warehouse managers in every industry.

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Medicine & Healthcare

Medical institutions require reliable and advanced software to execute routine and life-saving procedures. We create custom healthcare software solutions that enable stable logistics and ensure safety. We focus on powerful functionality, robust performance, and security protection when delivering medical software development services.

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Our company has solid experience in developing innovative custom software applications and solutions for telecom companies. We employ a wide array of technologies, optimizing network design to provide cutting-edge digital services to end-users.

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Our customized technologies meet each site.
Now you can easily monitor and manage all assets on a construction site.
The mobile apps for truck drivers and site management ensure clear communication and efficient workforce performance.
Our platform can be digitally displayed on a TV screen in real-time at the job site or on-site.

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We create augmented, consistent customer engagements for retailers through easy-to-use experiences. Our advanced technologies can help you to improve cost efficiency and optimize business processes, ensuring customer satisfaction and overall performance.

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Transportation & Logistics

Nowadays transportation and logistics industry is confronting huge changes: digital transformation, changing customer expectations, and new evolving business models.

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